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give yourself time

give yourself time

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Stretch Dance and Sway

Measuring approx. 7 cm in height.

Please note this photo is just a sample of how your tiny companion should look once finished. It is a made to order item and is all hand sewn with tiny stitches and filled with the softest cotton wool.

The processing time is 1 - 2 months

to be made, packed and shipped.

Each tiny companion found in this lovingly selected collection are from my archive photos of tiny chums gathered over the years who are now living far and away. Due to them all being hand sewn from start to finish, I rarely find the chance to make more than just one of each so they are often sold before you get a chance to adopt one. Especially when we are living in different time zones and I am listing items while you are sleeping. I am now offering the chance for you to purchase what you want, when you want, in your own time. I will be temporarily closing this section sometimes when I have reached a certain limit of how many figures I can handle making at a time. I will also be closing this section when I need to take a break or feel like working on other small things. Once you have placed your order - you may order any or as many as you like - you have then secured your place and you can contact me if you would wish to make any changes in their thread tones. The amount of time I need to make your order may vary, depending on my workload so this will be a slow process and your patience is very much appreciated. Thank you dearly for all your support along the way.

Any questions, please get in touch x

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